Major metropolitan areas such as NYC are generally filled with high crime. In recent years crime rates have dropped considerably, however. Part of the reason for this drop in crime is an increased police presence, and another reason is person self defense. Krav Maga is a self defense too which is being used by more people nation wide. It incorporates several different aspects of martial arts, and it draw from moves found in many disciplines. The main concept behind this self defense system, is to offer preparation for real life situations.

Training for Krav Maga is intense. There are several different training centers located throughout NYC. This discipline requires you to use hands, knees, feet and elbows to protect yourself. It operates off of human instinct, and it allows you to make quick decisions when they are required. Perhaps more importantly, this practice allows you to ward off an attacker who is wielding a gun or knife. Some people are left to feel helpless if they are unarmed. However, this martial arts discipline shows you how to quickly dispatch an opponent so that they cannot harm you.

Another great aspect of this self defense system is that it allows people of all sizes to protect themselves. Women will find that it is especially useful for warding off a larger male attacker. Defeating heavier or stronger people is one of the focal points of most training centers. Training centers provide realistic situations to allow you to practice. Maneuvers are geared toward using an attacker’s strengths against him by distributing body weight so that they fall or can be taken down much more easily. There are many reasons why you should sign up to learn Krav Maga.

If you work late at night and you have to walk alone to get to your car, you have an increased chance of becoming a mugging victim. Women who walk alone, or elderly people who walk to the grocery store are also prime targets for criminals. Many times these attacks occur from behind, as the attacker’s arm comes around the front and forms a choke hold. Krav Maga teaches people how to get out of this deadly choke hold by throwing an individual over the shoulder. This move is much less about strength, and more about proper technique. Krav Maga has helped countless people in the NYC area to avoid serious harm.

Instructors help people to learn at their own pace and comfort level. However, once you start to learn how to protect yourself, you’ll find that the training classes are really fun. They provide a great workout, while allowing you to become a stronger puncher, and a more confident defender. Do not wait until you are a victim to learn self defense. Take a proactive approach and sign up to learn Krav Maga today.

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Residents of NYC are well aware that the city is associated with performing arts. Broadway shows and musicals require people to be skilled at not only singing, but also dancing. What this does is it requires artists to enroll in some of the best dance studios in the city. However, some of these dance studios and centers require auditions. Others are tailored to meet the needs of brand new dancers. Let’s take a look at some dance studios that offer classes for beginners.

The Broadway Dance Center is heralded by both beginner and professional dancers. It offers a huge assortment of experienced teachers and choreographers. many people attend this studio because the teachers emphasize technique over style. This is especially important for beginning dancers who need to learn the basics first. Talent scouts frequently visit this studio as well, and they announce their presence through Twitter. Each class is priced between $15.00 and $18.00. This is a bargain when you consider the level of instruction that you will receive.

Dance New Amsterdam is a dance studio which places an emphasis on one-on-one instruction. Professional dancers provide the tools and advice to help students to create their own unique styles. This dance school is known for modern dance practices, and it admits students ages 16 and up. One of the great aspects of this studio is that the instructors focus on injury prevention. They assess an individual dancer’s body type to determine which moves are the best ones to learn. Additionally, there is a full-time professional theater located on the campus. Students can stop by to watch professionals at work, or they can network to find job opportunities. classes at Dance New Amsterdam in NY start at $15.00.

Steps on Broadway is a dance studio which id perfect for beginning dancers. They offer classes for students aged 3 to 18. Professional dancers go to great lengths to help younger students to learn the basics. Once the basics are learned, a step program is implemented which allows the student to use her new skills as she progresses. They are located on Broadway, and they’re open 7-day a week as well. Students across all ages will feel comfortable in the relaxed and educational setting which it provides.

Lastly, the Mark Morris Dance Group offers a wide array of dance class opportunities. Classes are only $10.00 per session, and this grants students the ability to access a clean environment. The studio has a locker room, showers and places to relax between teaching sessions. Comfort is one of the main priorities of this dance studio. NYC offers a wide array of dance class options for beginners. You will find that if a dance class is not the right one for you, the instructors will point you to another one that will meet your needs.

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Finding live music in NYC is not difficult, but finding quality music can be challenging. However, if you know where to look, you can certainly experience some of the best music possible. New York is a melting pot of musical talent. Major record executives reside in the city, so artists naturally move there to record albums and to promote their best songs. This makes live music venues extremely important for artists and fans. If you go to NYC in search of live music, then you are guaranteed to find a place that suits your tastes.

Music venues gain a reputation in several categories. One of those categories is mood. The mood that is set in a venue, often reflects the music that is played there. For example, some venues, such as The Rockwood Music Hall, perfect for more intimate occasions or dates. This place hosts talented jazz, blues or folk musicians. This is a smaller venue, so you are able to achieve an excellent listening experience as a result. The acoustics are wonderful in this building, so folk songs ring out perfectly. This is a place to go if you’re the type who enjoys a bottle of red wine while listening to talented musicians.

The Apollo Theater has become legendary in NYC. People who come to this theater feel privileged to do so. James Brown and many others crafted their signature sounds at this location, so the theater is rich with history. Other artists who have played there include, Marvin Gaye, Ella Fitzgerald, Aretha Franklin, The Jackson and Billie Holiday. If you love soul, jazz or rock, then chances are good that some of the most famous bands within those musical genres have played this venue. The Apollo Theater is featured on countless live-show musical DVD’s as well.

Cake Shop is billed as a music venue for people who really appreciate the music they listen to. This is not a place to bring a date or to sip a glass of wine, however. Cake Shop is known for hosting some of the best indie rock bands in the business. People travel from afar to experience music at its finest, before it hits mainstream media. Additionally, Cake Shop offers incredible-tasting cupcakes for all of its concert attendees. They also serve delicious cappuccino as well.

Finding the right live music venue takes some trial and error, but it helps to have a starting place. There are many other live music options as well, and you can even find extremely talented street musicians during a stroll down Broadway. Your choice will depend highly on your music of choice, and the level of comfort you hope to experience. However, there is little doubt that NYC has live music to suit everyone’s tastes.

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